When the various services delivered by clients are spread across a range of different disciplines or departments we aim to make the service delivery and in particular end-user experiences as seamless as possible. Not only do our clients often have specific services in many areas but they also partner with external organisations. Our partnership approach allows us to work closely with our clients to understand their business processes and identify key opportunities for integration.

The areas in which Community Matters assists clients are:

  • Mapping of services with clearly defined areas of customer facing services and back-office / support functions
  • Identifying overlaps, duplications across departments and organisations
  • Understanding service specifications and expectations
  • Agreeing the end result
  • Developing a design brief
  • Carrying out a functional assessment
  • Defining a new business model and the change process
  • Supporting organisations to implement the change process
  • Using Quality Improvement methodologies as an integral part of change processes