Community Matters adopts the main principles of Prince II and MSP (Managing Successful Programmes) for programme and project management.

The main steps and considerations in our project management approach are listed below:

  • Identification – Pre-Project
    The project or programme is scoped and a project brief developed. The strategic fit and vision is defined in this stage, and the main project documentation drafted.
  • Definition / Initiation
    The project is fully defined and the documentation finalised and agreed. The project governance is developed and the required bodies including the project board are established. Project deliverables are also fully developed within this phase and the final timeline and project budget are agreed by the project board. Outcomes and benefits are also mapped out and their monitoring and measurement agreed at this phase.
  • Delivery
    The delivery of the project is managed using fit for purpose structures and tools. Reporting is carried out and any issues observed are captured through the issues register and lessons log. Any necessary changes to the project are controlled through the change request process, ensuring that all changes are agreed by the project board and documented.
  • Closure
    The project closure ensures that all lessons learned throughout the project are reviewed and benefits mapped out. Any benefits that have not been realised yet are handed over to the ‘business as usual’, together with a high level evaluation of the deliverables.